'That'll do, pig.' Baby pig joins dog training class

KENT, WA -- There are few more "snorts" at a dog training class.

Amy the pig has joined the class at the Family Dog Training Center near Seattle. The dog barking has turned to stares and confusion as the corgis, collies, and labs gaze with interest.

"The first time she saw and heard Amy, she kind of looked at me, and looked back at Amy like, what kind of dog is that?" dog owner Paula Kurtz told ABC affiliate KOMO-TV.

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Lori Stock owns Amy and says she wanted to train a new animal, so she choose her five-month-old indoor pig.

"She is the smartest dog I've ever trained," Stock tells KOMO-TV.

Amy has become a quick learner and breezed through puppy manners class and is now working on agility and obedience.

Pigs aren't animals that fetch items like bones and sticks, but Stock says she has been able to entice her pet pig with food.

"She is quite eager to participate in class and do the homework outside of class," Stork said.

Workers at the training facility say Amy keeps eating her way through all the training sessions and does better than the dogs in some ways. Most dogs eventually stop fetching treats and instead behave to make their owners happy.

Amy will take part in the Seattle Kennel Club the first week in March.
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