Back-to-school: A+ apps, gadgets and gizmos

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The old days of binders and color-changing T-shirts are over. Now it's USB hubs, smartphone tripods and cellphone study guides. Check out more of what will get your kids on the back-to-school tech fast track this year.

Smartphone apps

Pin & Tucker
Make sure to look good on the first day of school. Pin & Tucker lets you post pictures of clothes, shoes, accessories and anything else you're shopping for, and then your friends can give you fast feedback with a yay or nay.

My Homework Student Planner
Organize your classes, assignments and get announcements from school with this smartphone app.

Super Notes
Take notes using audio, video and text. Then organize them by categories like memos, lectures, meetings and notes.

Gadgets and gizmos

JOBY Grip Tight Micro Stands
JOBY has a bunch of different ways to mount your cellphone, like a mini tripod that fits on your key chain or the GorillaPod mount, which you can set up just about anywhere.

Square Bottle
Three years in the making, the Square Bottle water container opens at both ends so you can clean it top to bottom. It features a square shape, so it won't stop, drop and roll away from you, and it has an easy open and close cap. Plus, it looks really cool!

Quirky Contort
If you've made a bad habit of knocking your USB hard drive from your computer, well, I empathize. You should check out the Contort USB hub. Its flexible neck helps make sure your hard work doesn't suffer from a hard drive hiccup.
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