Gadgets, gizmos to make your beach days fun

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Temperatures are on the rise as summer kicks into high gear! Check out these gadgets and gizmos to make your beach days even cooler.

The AquaVault solves the age-old problem of "shoe safe." No longer do you need to stow your valuables inside the sweaty sole of your Havannah. Put your things inside the AquaVault, lock it with a code and then clip it around your chair so no one takes it.

Shake Bag
The Shake Bag from Quirky makes sure you leave the beach at the beach. A mesh underside allows sand in the tote to go back to where it came from, leaving your stuff sand-free.

Your kids will feel like they're part human-part sand-digging machine with the HandTrux. They just put their hand through, grab the handle and they are scooping sand like R2-D2 on a Maui vacation.

Architectural Sand Mold
These sand molds are part fun, part education, and then part fun again. Your kids will be like international architects, minus the paycheck. With some sand and the molds, they'll build everything from the Taj Mahal to the Great Pyramids.

The Death Star Beach Ball
The Death Star Beach Ball lights up on contact, so you and the family can feel like you're actually in the Star Wars movie - except you'll be on a beach.
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