Bell Gardens motorcycle officer injured in Montebello crash

MONTEBELLO, Calif. (KABC) -- A Bell Gardens motorcycle officer was injured in a car crash on a street in Montebello Friday morning.

While most people in the area didn't see the crash, residents on Greenwood Avenue said they heard it.

"It was like a boom! Like things breaking and shattering. It was very disturbing," Kimberly Garcia said.

The officer was rushed to a hospital for treatment. Responding officers said he was alert and speaking as he was transported to the medical center.

Witnesses said the driver of a Toyota was pulling into traffic when the motorcycle officer slammed into the car's front end.

"Actually, my neighbor got into an accident about a month ago, two months ago. The same thing. Fortunately, there was nothing like this," Karina Hernandez said.

There were no skid marks on the road and no indication that the officer slammed on his brakes or saw the car coming.

Residents said accidents such as this happen all the time in the area.

"I have kids, I have two kids. They're small. They play outside. There's kids across the street. Everywhere around here is a neighborhood. Something needs to happen so none of this happens again," Hernandez said.

Whoever is to blame for the crash will be left up to investigators. The condition of the officer was not released.
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