Santa Ana family paints 'BLM' on rooftop in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- Many are trying to find ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, including a Santa Ana family that showed their solidarity by turning their rooftop into a makeshift billboard for the cause.

The Lopez family painted the letters "BLM" on top of their house, which sits along the flight path of John Wayne Airport. Albert Lopez thought it would be a simple and creative way for his four daughters to send a powerful message.

"How we can set the example for them to understand why it's important, what has happened and how we can engage safely considering that we have COVID and some of the violence that was happening also," said Albert Lopez.

Painting the letters on the roof allowed the family to be physically distant, yet socially present.

"I've been able to go out and protest, but obviously my little sisters can't be out there and they wanted to become involved and so when my dad pitched the idea I thought it was a great opportunity to involve them," said 18-year-old Cecilia.

"That makes me feel happy because people are gonna see the words that we're trying to bring out and show people how much we care about the people of color," said 10-year-old Viviana.

Once more things open up in Orange County, they know tourism will pick up, which means more flights will pass by their house and more people will see their message.

"We just wanted to create that gesture to remind people that when they're flying over our community and they're coming to either spend time here as a tourist or visit or on business, that they're reminded that this is a community that people live in and are struggling and dealing with these complex issues," said Albert.

He says it's allowed his daughters to show solidarity without being on the front lines of recent protests throughout the region and country.

"It was really about considering all of them and how do I instill these values, these things that we're talking about, within them and if I can't do that within my own home, then I think I've failed," he said.
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