LA family demands answers after parked 2017 BMW catches fire

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A Los Angeles family is demanding answers after their recently bought BMW caught fire while parked in front of their home.

The Grevle family says the carmaker assured them that their 2017 BMW was not part of a recall involving a problem with the power steering control, but on Monday, after the family got home, a neighbor pounded on their door to alert them that there was smoke coming from their car.

The family said the whole car quickly caught fire, with the flames also burning a fence.

Car owner Knut Grevle tweeted about the shocking blaze: "How does my 2017 X3 catch on fire after only having it for 9 months!?!?! My wife and child could have been in that car. It was parked and turned off!"

The family credits their neighbor for keeping the fire from potentially spreading to their home.
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