'Business blew wide open:' Boats are a hot commodity during pandemic

"Everybody sold everything they had last year." Boat dealerships have seen a 13% rise in sales.
ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- Despite the pandemic and the economy, many people are buying boats. So many consumers with disposable income have apparently cancelled vacations, and are instead buying boats; some dealerships are running out of boats to sell!

The pandemic has created an economy of haves and have nots; while some businesses struggle, others are booming, and boating is one of them. Sales are at a 13-year high.

"I think everybody got cabin fever and broke out toward the end of May and business blew wide open and it continued all the way through until the end of the year," said Tim Jones with Boat House of Anaheim.

Nicholas Cervantes of Brea is one of those new boat owners and in the middle of the pandemic. He says it's been worth it.

"The best thing is just being outside," said Cervantes.

In fact so many people are buying boats, many dealers are running out of supply.

"Everybody sold everything they had last year; it created a perfect storm for the industry and trying to replenish those stocks; they'll be replenished but it's just gonna take a while," said Jones.

The used boat market is also an option, and sadly the pandemic is impacting this part of the business too.

"I see the extreme from one end of the facet where people have to sell their boats because they need the money to pay their mortgage, health insurance, put food on the table," said Jones. "And other facets of the industry where they're just flourishing."

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