Boba tea shop in Little Tokyo gives back during coronavirus outbreak with free lunches to those in need

LITTLE TOKYO (KABC) -- Like many restaurants and cafes, MILK+T boba bar has had to adjust and get creative during the coronavirus pandemic.

The shop is now selling boba drinks to-go. The DIY boba kits include ingredients you need to make the sweet drink at home.

The store is also giving back to the community in other ways.

"We don't care if you're rich, if you're poor, if you're homeless. If you need a lunch, come by," said Stacey Kwong co-owner of MILK+T.

"We offer it to kids who are out of school, Postmates drivers, delivery drivers and mailmen, anyone who might not be able to stop and get a lunch or may not be able to afford it," she said.

Adjusting to new regulations has been tough for this small boba chain.

But they say they want to be able to offer a little something to everyone during this difficult time.

"Before it was declared a pandemic, I was sitting in my room freaking out about how we're going to make rent if the store closes and how we're going to pay our team members," Kwong said.

But the shop stayed open, selling boba to-go and now, boba DIY kits.

"In the kit you get four glass jars. One has brown sugar, one has the tea of your choice, there's the raw boba balls and the fourth jar is for instructions," Kwong said.

Usually, MILK+T encourages customers to bring their glasses back to get 10 percent off their next order.

But for now, they're encouraging customers to leave their old glasses at home and come get a new one.

"People love making their own boba at home. I don't think a lot of people understand how difficult boba is to make but now they might appreciate their local boba-rista a little bit more," Kwong said.

The DIY boba kits are selling for $25 and the store is accepting bread and snack donations to be able to keep feeing their community.
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