Free food bodega in Koreatown is open every Tuesday for those in need

A free food bodega in Koreatown is helping community members who have struggled during the pandemic.
KOREATOWN (KABC) -- Every Tuesday, the LifeKit bodega in Koreatown sets up shop. It's a free food pantry for those in need.

"We noticed other food banks just handed out bags of a random assortment of items that sometimes didn't go together. And so, we wanted to let people just choose what they wanted," said Kiran Wali, a co-founder or LifeKit.

This pantry started when the nonprofit LifeKit received some COVID relief funds last year. It was supposed to be temporary but the need was much greater than organizers imagined.

"We just went ahead and got our own space and signed a lease for a year in order to be able to continue to do this and operate every single Tuesday," said Wali.

When the space isn't used for the bodega, volunteers use the space to build 200 hygiene kits for the unhoused every week.

The LifeKit bodega is open every Tuesday from 4 to 7 p.m. on Beverly Blvd.

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