Personality traits may be key to long-term weight loss, expert says

Friday, March 23, 2018
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Aspiring dieters should try to match their meal plans to their personality type, says one health expert.

Health expert Christine Lusita was frustrated watching fitness clients continually fail at weight loss.

"We were too busy chasing a fad, what worked for a celebrity. We're really out of focus on what works for us," said Lusita.

She did some research and discovered people were more successful by finding their personality type and focusing on their assets.

In "The Right Fit Formula" she uses a technique called acceptance and commitment therapy which has a good track record.

"There's a lot of studies through JAMA and many others like the NIH, that's proven it's one of the most successful ways to lose weight and keep if off long-term," said Lusita.

There is the "leader" - quick-witted, pressed for time, not wanting to spend time in the kitchen.

And the "socializer" - they go for visual appeal. Food that's Insta-worthy.

"Then there's the 'supporter' personality who's always thinking of their family first," said Lusita.

Meals are traditional and planned in bulk.

"I do analyze everything. Everyone makes fun of me," said Samantha Kennedy of Lake Forest.

Kennedy realized she has the planner personality but wasn't using her traits to her advantage.

Planners love apps, weighing food, keeping copious lists and keeping track of things by journaling.

"Taking a pause and being mindful of who I am right now, when things change and when things get difficult," Kennedy said.

Along with the food, no surprise moment is equally important. And these personality types all have a different way to exercise.

The leader type loves competition sports; socializers are fans of group exercise, while supporters want a reliable routine that can fit into a family's schedule.

Planners like Kennedy want quantitative success. Show her the data!

While there might be personality crossovers, an interactive questionnaire in the book will help you customize a "Right Fit Formula" for you.