Boy caught on camera taking 'ride' on Minneapolis airport conveyor belt system, child not hurt

Incident will likely lead to review of baggage system security safeguards
MINNEAPOLIS -- Cell phone video shows the moment a 9-year-old boy climbed onto a luggage conveyor belt at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last weekend.

The boy who got on the device after leaving his parents at the Delta check-in area was not injured.

The video was obtained by Minnesota Public Radio.

Airport spokesperson Pat Hogan said the incident happened early Saturday afternoon as a group of about 20 people were checking their bags for a trip they were taking together.

Hogan said initially no one in the group noticed the boy was missing, Minnesota Public Radio News reported.

"There was a lot of confusion because there were so many people in the group," he said. "They were all checking their bags and putting their own bags on the conveyors, so it took a second for them to realize he was missing - but as soon as they did people sprang into action and the police were able to find him quickly."

Police found the boy in under five minutes.

Hogan said the incident will likely lead to a review of baggage system security safeguards to see if more needs to be done to prevent it from happening again.

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