California company markets bulletproof doors to schools

CHINO, Calif. (KABC) -- We've heard of bulletproof vests and bulletproof glass, but one company is hoping its product could make the classroom more bulletproof. It makes a door it says can help keep students and teachers safe during a school shooting.

The idea of a "bulletproof" school may not sound like a friendly environment. But it could make campuses safer, especially with the rise of school shootings. A California company claims its product will keep students and teachers inside the classroom safer.

At a shooting demonstration Monday at the Prado Shooting Range in Chino, it was easy to see that even a solid wooden door was no match for a handgun.

A product that claims to be able to make doors bulletproof was also demonstrated.

"Bullet-resistant products are used by the banks, by liquor stores, by the police authority, by airlines to protect their pilots. If it's good for all of them, we believe that it's really good for our children and our teachers at school," said Ron Triebels, Safer Schools for America.

The company, called Safer Schools for America, is now marketing what it calls the Door Shield. It's a product the company says might have saved lives at, for example, the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut a year and a half ago.

"If we can prevent the shooter from getting into the classroom, then we've gained what we wanted to do," said Triebels.

The Door Shield is made of Level-3-rated fiberglass.

Looking at the front side of the door, you can see all the rounds fired into it. Step around and look where the shield is, you can see not a single round went through.

The company also sells a remote-control door-locking mechanism. To install the remote-controlled door locks costs about $500. The Door Shield is about the same. Is it worth it?

The Riverside Unified School District officials say they haven't heard of the product yet, but they're already installing intruder locks in many of their doors.

Some say it's sad that protecting classrooms has come down to this.

"It's scary to think that that's what the world has come to, that somebody has to think of an idea to do that," said Riverside resident Jackie Mier.

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