Pasadena Bunny Museum's owners hop to bigger space as collection multiplies

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Southern California has no shortage of great museums: the Getty for fine art, the Petersen for classic cars - and then there's The Bunny Museum.

It's the largest collection of bunny stuff in existence, billed on the museum's website as "the hoppiest place in the world."

The Pasadena museum's rabbit-related items just keep multiplying, prompting the owners to hop over to a new, more spacious location just down the street.

But one bunny started it all.

Owners Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski started the tradition of gifting bunnies to each other one Valentine's Day before they were married. Since then the couple has exchanged bunnies daily, growing the museum's collection to more than 33,000.

"'Wow, there's no more room here,'" Frazee said her patrons often remark on the crowded space.

Though Frazee often gets asked whether she ever gets tired of bunnies, she always responds with an emphatic "no."

"It's not really the bunny," Frazee said. "It's a love story."
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