Burbank students walk out, stage gun violence rally

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- In Burbank on Friday, dozens of students walked out of class to protest the lack of gun control.

It's been 20 years since America witnessed in real time one of its worst schools shootings. Twelve students and one teacher were gunned down at Columbine High School.

Students at John Burroughs High School streamed out of their school and onto the athletic field to take part in an anti-gun violence demonstration.

"This is not a fight for you or for me, this is a fight for our generation," said Ariana Kretz, a student at Burroughs. "And when we expand our agendas to reflect that, we will hold unprecedented power."

More than a hundred students stood in the noon heat on the school's track. On hand was Rep. Adam Schiff, who told the crowd of students that its important they continue pushing for new gun control laws.

"Your generation has to fight to get this done because our generation has so miserably failed," Schiff said. "Lets make sure that Burbank is not added to the list of communities known for a terrible tragedy. Let's make sure that Burbank is known for the leadership of its young people in helping to bring about national change."

The latest FBI report on active shootings takes a close look at 2018. Last year, there were 27 such shootings resulting in 213 casualties, 85 of whom died.

"School should be a safe and practical environment in which students go to learn and develop and focus on advancing their education, not praying for their lives that they aren't the next victim of gun violence," said Burroughs student Reese Coblentz.

Of the 27 active shooter cases, four were in California -- more than any other state.

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