Mini burgers a hit concept for holiday celebrations

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Mini burgers a hit concept for holiday celebrations
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The Burgerim restaurant chain offers 2.8 ounce burgers to give patrons an opportunity to try different flavors.

White Castle's claim is that they invented the slider.

But Burgerim is doing its best to take the humble patty to a whole different level.

A standard fast food burger at most chains is four ounces.

Their version?

"Two point eight ounces and we keep that size because it gives the consumer an option to try more than one. The cool thing that we have that differentiates us is we have 11 different patties," said Zach Volpo of Burgerim.

Volpo says you can get an uno, duo or trio along with a party box containing 16 sliders. With a multitude of toppings, even an egg.

"Generally speaking most people try two so you can have two different flavors," said Ashley Lindley-Shaffer of Burgerim.

They have all kinds of styles and sauces for a good burger, but they do have stuff for health-conscious folks. Chicken, veggie, lamb, salmon, falafel and yes the veggie-wrap burger for those keto-diet folks.

"If you want to get a group of friends together and no one can decide on eating one thing, this is definitely the spot," said Volpo.

That's because you can get the party box customized, so everyone gets what they want.

And that's no easy feat!