More restaurants adding veggie burger options to the menu

The Habit has one, Carl's Jr. does too. Putting a veggie burger on the menu appears to be trending.

"We believe carnivores and vegans should unite right under one roof," said Mo Farha, founder of Burger Boss.

It seems the restaurant industry understands there's no need to bicker when you can bond with burgers.

Farha has always had a veggie burger on the menu but is pleasantly surprised at the vegan burger's success.

"Our black bean burger is actually our second most popular protein after our beef burger," Farha said.

Moe Orr, with Yard House says their pepper jack cheeseburger and BBQ bacon beef burger is a hit, but social media is filled with plant-based options.

"Burgers are a great sell for Yard House. I think we do a really good job with our vegan and vegetarian options. The students and the millennials now are looking for a nice healthier choice when it comes to that," said Orr.

Plant-based patties typically offer enough protein and are served with ample veggies and sides to give diners a well-fed feel.

So all the companies seem to have their own vegan options but they're not just a veggie patty. They seem to have something for everyone.

"The burger lover is finally boss. They get to customize and build their own burger. We do not have any default burgers," said Farha.

Farha says customers choose from three different types of buns, homemade sauces and a variety of toppings.

"We also added a smoked Gouda vegan cheese," Farha added.

The Yard House signature veggie burger is stacked high with extras:

"It's a house-made vegan burger that we use we use as the Gardine option. Some red quinoa, some kale, shiitake mushrooms, some spice," said Orr.

Along with avocado, arugula, tomato, onion and vegan mozzarella cheese on an onion bun

So why fight when there is so much flavor to fuel up? Farha even sees some ordering their grass-fed natural burger with the veggie patty on top to beef up the protein quotient.
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