Burglars caught on camera before cutting power to Encino home

ENCINO, Calif. (KABC) -- Surveillance cameras captured video of burglary suspects in Encino in the middle of the crime.

The two men were wearing masks and gloves.

"You see them point to the camera and say hey, look. Watch out there's a camera. Then you see one of the people walk to the back where our circuit breaker is and then all power cuts off," Varty Hindoyan said.

Hindoyan, who is still shaken up by the burglary, said she and her husband weren't home when it happened around 9 p.m. along Hesperia Avenue.

"Everything he took from our house was valuable and small in size. It was something they could literally put in a backpack," she said.

But Hindoyan is also mad because this is the second time since purchasing their newly renovated home in September that they've been broken into.

The first time, the Hindoyans hadn't installed cameras and they didn't think they would need to worry about burglars cutting the power.

"This morning we put a lock on our circuit breaker box because we never thought to do that before," she said.

She also found out her neighbors to the right of her home had a break-in last year. This past February, burglars also hit her neighbors across the street.

"We don't have no idea who the burglars were and nothing basically came up," neighbor Albert Oganesyn said.

The Hindoyans don't want that to happen to their home this time because they know what they have to concentrate on.

"Honestly, now it's just trying to feel safe again and first it's taking inventory of everything right now," she said.

Hindoyan said she shared her story in case members of the public can help identify the suspects. Authorities told the couple to keep their lights on, television on and maybe even get a guard dog.
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