El Burrito Loco in Lynwood serves up Baja flavors

LYNWOOD -- The new Mexican restaurant El Burrito Loco is serving burritos with Baja flavor.

"We are from San Diego originally," said Katie Fiscal, daughter and co-owner of the restaurant. "So, a lot of things that is mostly common out there is having big burritos."

Fiscal said it's always been her mom's dream to open up their own restaurant, and that came true in late 2020 during the pandemic.

"It was hard at the beginning. Sometimes we just were like 'What did we do?' We went in head first without thinking it through. But thankfully with the community, it's been a lot of support and family members bringing other people," said Fiscal. "It's been great."

This Lynwood, CA restaurant serves a variety of Mexican plates. Their top sellers are the chile relleno burrito known as 'El Burrito Loco,' the shrimp burrito and the carne asada burrito.

"I feel like it's going to get better," said Fiscal. "I tell my mom that more than anything it's very fun. I get to work with her now."

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