Volunteers help businesses board up in Van Nuys after recent looting

Businesses along Van Nuys and Victory Boulevard are boarding up their storefronts for protection
VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Businesses have been boarding up their storefronts along Van Nuys and Victory Boulevard to protect what they still have left.

"We were fearful that they were going to try and break in," said Cesar Salgado, store manager at Van Nuys Pawn Shop.

Salgado has been managing the Van Nuys Pawn Shop for 30 years.

After the slow-down in business due to COVID-19 and then the recent looting in Van Nuys, Salgado was happy to see carpenters from the Local Carpenters Union 661 boarding up businesses for free.

"It feels good you know to actually get back to the community and make somebody smile and be happy that they don't have to worry about their shop tonight being looted and robbed from the people that really don't care about the community," said Jason Green, a carpenter with the Local Carpenters Union 661.

People of all trades and ages were on the streets, helping clean up glass and trash.

"To come home early from school, and then having to go online, and then having to be safe with the riots happening, and the protests, and it's really sad to see. We want to help in every way we can," said Ashley, a local college student.

After seeing the kindness of others to protect businesses in Van Nuys and keep the streets clean, Salgado wanted to remind people of one thing.

"Be kind with the people out there, that's the only thing I can do," said Salgado.

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