West Covina residents petition to keep Dunkin' Donuts away

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Some West Covina residents are upset a new Dunkin Donuts is set to open in the same shopping center as an existing mom and pop donut shop. (KABC)

Some West Covina residents are upset a new Dunkin' Donuts is set to open in the same shopping center as an existing mom-and-pop doughnut shop.

"I'm scared," said Sing Yam, the owner of Rainbow Donuts. "I'm afraid of losing this shop. This is my life."

Rainbow Donuts has been at the South Hills Plaza for 28 years. Yam said she is terrified of the competition, but is moved by all the support she's received from her customers.

"Dunkin' Donuts was giving free doughnuts away right in front of Rainbow Donuts," said Leslie Martel, a Rainbow Donuts customer. "What kind of integrity is that? What kind of fairness? What kind of respect?"

Supporters have gathered 2,000 signatures to try to persuade the property owner and the city to relocate the chain.

Some customers blame the West Covina city manager, Chris Freeland, for soliciting Dunkin' Donuts. He defended himself by saying the city was not involved in the actual location of Dunkin' Donuts.

"We just advertised and said, 'Hey we would love to have you come to West Covina much like other neighboring cities here in the San Gabriel Valley,'" said Freeland.

The property manager released a statement saying, "We've listened intently to Rainbow's concerns and will continue to help them and all tenants attract new customers. Following these discussions, it's clear to us that both can bring value and benefit to the local community."

Despite discouragement from some residents, Dunkin' Donuts said they are looking forward to serving the West Covina community. Other local residents are also looking forward to the doughnut chain opening in the area.
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