Gov. Gavin Newsom reveals how much money L.A. will get to combat the homeless crisis

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KABC) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom is touting California's new budget as a blueprint for fiscal responsibility and a real effort to address California's homeless crisis.

ABC7's Marc Brown sat down with the governor on Friday in Sacramento to ask him how he plans to combat homelessness in Southern California.

Newsom said the state of California is stepping up - spending a $1 billion in resources in an effort to deal with the homeless crisis.

Los Angeles will get a large share of that money, but L.A. city leaders are asking for more, $1.2 billion more.

Newsom did not embrace the idea.

"How about we invest the billion we just provided, plus all the housing money, $1.75 billion, in a strategic way," Newsom said. "Let's see how we deal with those dollars before we start asking for even more."

We asked if it was fair to say that it's a "no" at this point.

"It's fair to say, quite honestly, as a taxpayer, we haven't even begun to spend our appropriate money that's been approved in this budget," Newsom responded.

The governor's budget will give L.A. city and county an additional $250 million to fight homelessness.

And Newsom said if L.A. makes strides in fixing the problem, then he'd consider sending more state money our way.

You can see more of Marc Brown's interview with Newsom on Monday.
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