California breaks 3 coronavirus records in 1 day as crisis reaches new peak

California recorded the highest number of new cases, hospitalizations and ICU patients in a single day.

Saturday, December 12, 2020
CA breaks 3 coronavirus records in 1 day
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A person now tests positive for COVID-19 in California about once every four seconds.

SAN FRANCISCO -- California has broken a single-day record for new coronavirus cases Friday, as an additional 35,468 people are reported positive.

That brings the state's seven-day average of new cases to 22,456 people per day. That's a new COVID-19 infection more than every four seconds.

California broke a second and third coronavirus record Friday for the most number of patients hospitalized, 12,013, and for the highest number of patients in intensive care, 2,669.

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The state's intensive care capacity continues to grow more critical. The Bay Area was creeping closer and closer to the 15% threshold that would trigger a mandatory stay-at-home order. Several Bay Area counties have entered those restrictions already voluntarily.

As of Friday, the Bay Area region was at 16.7% remaining ICU capacity. The situation was more dire in counties like Santa Clara, where several hospitals have already filled up.

The San Joaquin Valley is facing the biggest threat of overloaded ICUs. That region only has 4.5% of intensive care beds free.

The Northern California region had 26.6% remaining capacity, Sacramento was at 14.8% and Southern California was at 6.2%.

On Thursday, the state broke a record for the most coronavirus deaths in a single day. The total death toll so far in California is 20,622 lives lost.

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