Report warns parents of toy choking hazards this holiday season

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The holidays are here, and doctors, along with safety advocates, want to remind parents to find toys that are safe for kids.

Emergency room doctors at Children's Hospital Los Angeles see several cases every holiday season of children impacted by unsafe toys.

"We've seen a number of kids who have accidents related to small toy parts," said Dr. Alan Nager of Children's Hospital.

CALPIRG, a consumer safety group, released its annual survey on toy safety in the hopes of preventing parents from having to deal with such emergencies.

The report contains information on toys with one of the biggest hazards - small parts, such as edge shaped textured blocks. The label states the blocks are recommended for children aged 2 and up, but the survey finds the blocks are unsafe.

Diane Forte, the deputy director of external affairs for CALPIRG, said the shapes fit within the measurements of a choking hazard.

But parents can do a choke hazard test at home by using an empty toilet paper roll. Parents simply see if a toy can fit inside the roll, if it can then it is considered a choking hazard.

The reporter also listed toxic toys.

"In [a] dollar store, we found toy sheriff's badges. They exceeded the allowable lead standard of 90 parts per million," Forte said.

Loud toys, such as the John Deere Roar and Rumble Toy Tractor, are also listed as damaging to a child's hearing.

Officials advise parents this holiday season to protect their children by creating a safe, secure and supervised environment as well as being aware of toys that can be potentially dangerous.

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