Caltrans working to replace catwalk freeway signs in L.A. to deter vandals, create safer driving

You typically see them just below freeway signs, but Caltrans is now getting rid of catwalks along freeway signs.

The new generation of freeway signs, which have already been installed in past and ongoing construction projects across Los Angeles, are retro-reflective. That means they reflect back when headlights hit them at night, making it easier for drivers to see.

By moving to this sign standard, Caltrans officials say catwalks that hold lights to illuminate the signs will no longer be needed.

Catwalks on overhead signs often provide a platform for vandals to graffiti and deface the signs, which can snarl traffic and make the signs themselves illegible.

The agency also expects the switch to new signs will reduce maintenance costs and protect workers who sometimes have to clean and repair them.
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