COVID-19: Los Angeles County cities demand share of CARES Act money

Saturday, July 25, 2020
LA County cities demand share of CARES Act money
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Some businesses and small cities in Los Angeles County say they're still not getting their fair share of money from the CARES Act.

Once a dining hub in the City of Carson, Uncle Darrow's New Orlean's Grill has been plundered by the pandemic. The dining room empty except for the meals being packed up to serve senior citizens.

"We are down, at least 80% in terms of retail sales right now," said Norwood Clark, Jr. of Uncle Darrow's.

And growing frustration among small businesses and residents in cities within Los Angeles County who say they deserve more federal funding from the CARES Act than they are getting.

"We need help. This is truly a time of crisis," said Lindsey Horvath, mayor of West Hollywood.

A total $1.8 billion was allocated to the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.

The County has earmarked its part, over $1 billion to coronavirus relief, including:

-Diagnostic testing

-Contact tracing

-Housing vulnerable people

-Rent relief

-Small business grants

-Emergency response staff

A coalition of 87 cities within the county are getting CARES funding separately through the state, but they say a portion of the county's billion should be shared.

"Orange County I believe is doing about 20 or 25% of the money that they got. They were distributed to the cities on a per capita basis. San Diego is doing the same thing. Why isn't L.A. County doing that?," said Albert Robles, mayor of Carson.

West Hollywood has spent $1 million out of its general fund on the pandemic response.

The county says its funds will be spent on programs that cross city boundaries focused on communities most at risk.

The mayors say their cities should be added to that list.

Meantime, at Uncle Darrow's, gumbo anyone? They are giving it their all to survive.

"I am in it for the long run. I refuse to be a statistic," said Clark.

"We still got to push through it."

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