Nearly 2 dozen vehicles spray painted, had tires slashed along Mulholland Highway in Calabasas

ByJohn Gregory and staff via KABC logo
Wednesday, December 18, 2019
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Nearly two dozen vehicles were spray painted and had tires slashed along Mulholland Highway in Calabasas Tuesday.

CALABASAS, Calif. (KABC) -- Nearly two dozen vehicles were tagged and damaged in Calabasas Tuesday.

The cars, including many high-end vehicles, were spray painted and several had their tires slashed. They had been parked along Mulholland Highway near Old Topanga Canyon Road.

For residents, it's frustrating to see in this normally quiet community.

"I've never seen anything like that. The most we've ever had is pumpkins on Halloween and a few eggs in the beginning," said Eleanor Kravits, a 40-year resident of Calabasas.

Several communities in Los Angeles County have recently reported cars being vandalized including in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Police are trying to determine if all the cases are linked.

Deputies in Calabasas are on the lookout for suspects while some residents believe kids are to blame.

"I think it was a group of kids....very amateur...there was some talk that it had something to do with (a) rapper," said Aviba Sax, Calabasas resident.

Despite Calabasas normally being a quiet and safe community, the incident is forcing some to make some changes.

"I'll make sure my car is in my garage and it's locked," said Kravits.

No motive has been determined and no arrests have been made.