Long Beach students take part in brass rubbing project

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Students in Long Beach got a lesson in medieval history and took part in a brass rubbing art project.

It is the 32nd year for the Brass Rubbing Medieval Arts Center. The Center holds events at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Long Beach.

The highlight of the class was the brass rubbing. Brass rubbings are created by laying a sheet of paper on top of a brass etching and rubbing the paper with graphite, wax, or chalk.

Students heard tales of medieval life from an actor portraying a knight named Sir Albert Bluegood. Sir Albert brought with him an extra set of chainmail for the students to try on for size.

The Brass Rubbing Medieval Arts Center is a major fundraiser for the church. A group of more than 30 volunteers helps run the program at St. Luke's.

Groups can book brass rubbing workshops at the center Tuesdays through Fridays. On Saturdays, anyone can drop in without a reservation. The Brass Rubbing Medieval Arts Center runs through Nov. 10.