This artist built his own castle on 14 acres of land in a North Carolina forest

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
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An artist sculpted his own castle hidden in a North Carolina forest.

ROUGEMONT, NC -- Once upon a time in Rougemont, North Carolina an artist decided to build an extravagant castle on his sprawling 14 acres of land.

This built-from-scratch sculpture is based on architecture from Central and Eastern Europe, complete with 18 pinnacles. Unfortunately, the project turned into a fantastical ruin and was abandoned for 12 years. Local residents would trek far into the woods for an engagement photo backdrop, a secret wedding, or even to just see the work of art.

With all this recent traction, sculptor Robert Mihaly is now inspired to finish the castle as an event space and vineyard. It's all just in time for his upcoming daughter's sweet sixteen party!

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