Gigi Hadid Chanel showdown: Super model escorts runway crasher off Paris catwalk

PARIS -- A French comedian crashed the Chanel runway show at Paris Fashion Week - but Gigi Hadid put a stop to her high fashion prank.

Marie Benoliel, known as Marie S'Infiltre, jumped into the final procession of models along the catwalk on Tuesday.

She was dressed in a wide brimmed black hat and a tweed black and white suit that looked to be Chanel-inspired. S'Infiltre marched down the runway, seemingly hoping to fit right in with the others.

She turned back and looked as though she would try and take another pass down the main aisle, when she was blocked by real model Gigi Hadid. As the prankster tried to pass the seasoned pro, Hadid stopped her in her tracks and escorted her off the runway.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the comedian had previously crashed another Paris fashion show earlier this week.

There was no word on the repercussions for the woman, although from the happy look on her face, she checked an item off her bucket list.
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