Norco High School cheerleaders rally to allow their sport to resume

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Thursday, March 18, 2021
IE high school cheerleaders rally to get back in the game
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Norco High School cheerleaders are ready to get back on the field, but state guidelines are keeping the sport from resuming.

NORCO, Calif. (KABC) -- Norco High School cheerleaders are ready to get back on the field and rallied against state guidelines.

While football and other sports are resuming, cheerleading is still being sidelined because of the pandemic.

Cheerleaders like Yanil Menendes feel it just isn't fair.

"This is kind of our last hope, that we want to at least have some senior memories," she said.

Cheer, band and drumline are some of the activities Riverside County health officials are not allowing for now, even though cheer captain Carly Hoppock says they can practice their sport safely.

"Yes, there is a pandemic going on, but we can stay six-feet apart on our boxes with our masks on, doing every protocol that COVID needs and stay safe," said Hoppock.

The Norco cheerleaders are hoping if they can rally support they will change some minds. A petition has been started, but the clock is ticking. The football season has been reduced to just a few games and the first game is this week.