Police stop car driving toward crowd at Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade

KANSAS CITY -- A wild police chase bled into the Super Bowl victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs Wednesday, ending with officers forcing the pursued car to stop and drawing their guns as hundreds of football fans watched.

Police said the car broke through the parade route around 8:12 a.m. CT and was heading for the crowd. Police used a tactic known as a PIT maneuver to force the car to stop and dozens of officers swarmed the vehicle, guns drawn.

Video posted to Twitter shows officers taking a woman into custody as onlookers cheered on police.

"Are you a Patriot's fan?" one heckler asks the suspect.

Two people, whose identities have not been released, were taken into custody, and charges are pending. Police said this does not appear to be an attempted act of terror and are investigating whether or not the driver was impaired.

Kansas City Police posted a video of officers leading a cheer moments after the incident.

"We stop fleeing cars AND do cheerleader duty. #chiefsparade," they tweeted.

This was the first time the Chiefs brought home a Super Bowl trophy in 50 years. Classes were canceled on the day of the parade to celebrate the team's 31-20 win against the San Francisco 49ers.
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