Homeschooling help: Nonprofit online program helps parents co-learn with children

Child360 launched a new digital series geared to help parents teach their children at home.
The new educational experience has children learning from home at their laptop or iPad.

It can seem daunting event to the rock star parent, but what if you had help? Say, tomorrow morning?

"On Mondays we're focused on motivation and that motivation could be for anyone in the family, " said Dawn A. Kurtz, chief research officer with Child360.

Kurtz is part of a new online program called Child360, which has been up and running for weeks now.

Each day, the nonprofit provides instruction for parents to help them co-learn with their child or children at home.

"And literally it's using things like a deck of cards or a pan, a cupcake sheet that you might have in your kitchen. Markers. Other materials that you can just gather that can actually be part of the activity," said Kurtz.

The digital effort, geared toward children from birth through age 5, staffs early education teachers and parents, many who participate in the video instructions with their own kids.

"There's a lot of skill development and skill building that happens in early education settings, so not having access to that traditional experience right now is challenging us to figure out the ways we can still continue to build those skills. So how can we offer the types of resources that would help parents build those skills. And how we can utilize technology in a meaningful way," said Kurtz.

It all can be accessed for free online at
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