Season 4 premiere of Freeform series 'Good Trouble' focuses on friends who become family

Stars of ensemble cast of Freeform's 'Good Trouble' say they learning about life... the same as their devoted fan base
A group of good friends, now as close-knit as family, return for a new round of life stories in the season four premiere of the Freeform series, "Good Trouble."

"Good Trouble" started as a spin-off to the hit series "The Fosters." The stars of this ensemble cast say the show, and its characters, are continuing to grow and learn about life... the same as the show's devoted fan base.

"I think what's so wonderful about our show is I feel everybody's represented," said Maia Mitchell.

"This show shines a light on 20-somethings and kind of figuring life out and showing that it's okay to not be okay," said Cierra Ramirez. "It's okay to continue to find out who you are, and it's a really beautiful thing to be able to represent that."

"This family, this journey, this just like, bizarre and beautiful three or four years we've had, I'm just so grateful to keep telling these stories," said Sherry Cola. "I always say that 'Good Trouble' has been having these conversations, and showing characters that have been missing from the screen but are such a reflection of real life."

"I love that we're able to make mistakes, in real life and on the show, and I love that the show embraces the characters whether or not they're perfect," said Priscilla Quintana. "And kind of just believing that if you leap, the net will appear."

"Good Trouble" airs Thursday nights on Freeform, next day on Hulu.
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