Pasadena updates stay-at-home orders, allowing more businesses to reopen with restrictions

Pasadena businesses, like car washes and dog groomers, will be allowed to reopen with specific restrictions to help everyone safe.

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Friday, May 15, 2020
Pasadena lifts some orders allowing more businesses to reopen
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Pasadena lifts some orders allowing more businesses to reopen

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Pasadena is now allowing some car wash operations to reopen, like the Pasadena Auto Wash. The employees there are glad to be back at work and hoping for things start getting back to normal.

The reopening is possible because Pasadena has made some changes to its stay-at-home orders. The city will now allow self-service and full service car wash operations, but there are some restrictions.

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There has to be ventilation of the vehicle before washing and it limits the number of persons that can vacuum or detail the interior at any one time. The same person has to follow the car along the car wash from beginning to end.

Now, there's also going to be dog grooming allowed. All services are by appointment only and customers cannot enter the facility.

And some retail businesses can also open, but customers cannot enter the business. Sales have to occur in advance. The customer then goes to a pick-up location curbside and picks up the items.

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"Big deal for a lot of people now that car washes will be open starting today with proper precautions in place. Ventilation before and after cleaning the vehicle. Just one person assigned to that vehicle, but it's something that is helping maintain the health and safety of our community," said Lisa Derderdian with the city of Pasadena.

"We're all afraid, you know, something is catching, but we're all going to take precautions with all the sanitizing and with all the cleaning. We're taking precautions the way the city told us to do it," said Victor Cordoba with Pasadena Auto Wash.