SoCal jobs: Cleaning companies are hiring new employees

An increased need for cleanliness and disinfected surfaces has led to an increase in jobs at Southern California cleaning companies.
The coronavirus has created an unprecedented crisis when it comes to jobs.

As part of the ABC7 Solutions: Hiring SoCal initiative, we're spreading the word about openings.

One sector of the job market that is looking for workers is cleaning companies.

Disinfecting has taken on a whole new meaning with COVID-19. Businesses that specialize in deep cleaning - like Emergency Response Crime Scene Cleaning in Monrovia - are booming. Which means they're hiring.

"It's tedious but it's fulfilling at the end of the day," said employee Ryan Scrugham. "You know you're doing something good for humanity."

Marebel Bernardino worked as a waitress at a coffee shop until the work dried up because of coronavirus. But, she's now working full time disinfecting essential businesses.

"Cleaning for the police department. It's interesting. We sanitize their equipment, their machines, the offices, the cars, the ambulance. We've been working on all that stuff. It's something that I wasn't doing before and now I love to do it."

Ben Mihm, owner of Emergency Response Crime Scene Cleaning, says the economic crisis brought on by COVID-19 has brought new employees to his company.

"These are two great human beings that we have just gotten from the COVID-19 process," he said. "What's occurred has brought some really incredible people to our team."

It's work that's more important than ever because of the length of time and variety of surfaces where COVID-19 can live.

"Looking for areas where people have touched. Where there will be breathing. Phones. Little things. Staplers. Things you wouldn't think about. Your mouse. We wanted to make sure those things are cleaned," Scrugham said.

The new hires say their deep cleaning job requires little training which allowed them to start immediately and they feel safe because of the protective gear they wear when out in the field.
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