Gas station turned coffee shop in Koreatown turns into mini bodega amid coronavirus pandemic

Full Service Coffee Co. in Koreatown is using their minimal contact drive-thru to stay in business as well as help support other small businesses during this difficult time.
KOREATOWN (KABC) -- Full Service Coffee Co. is a gas station turned coffee shop, and the station itself dates back to the 1940s.

Partners Jeff Solorio, John Juniper, Benjamin Montoya and Edoardo Chavarin started fixing it up three years ago and turned it into a drive-thru coffee shop for people on the go.

With the stay at home order forcing many non-essential businesses to shut down due to safety, this coffee shop was able to keep running at full service.

"We realized we had an advantage because we have a drive-up concept," said Chavarin. "Minimal contact was always part of our DNA because people can just drive up and get their coffee."

And with their little-to-no-contact advantage, they've started helping other small businesses stay afloat too.

They're buying handmade masks, fresh bread, pastries, frozen tamales and coffee essentials from other spots and selling to their customers here.

The owners said you can order ahead using the link in their Instagram bio.

"We turned almost into this little bodega and a one-stop shop. We're so happy that we have this little advantage and that we can share it so that people don't have to shut down completely," said Chavarin.

Chavarin said they've seen an increase in sales as well as an increase in tips. Which he said is usually pretty low when you compare coffee shop tips to restaurant tips.

"We're just super, super grateful definitely to our customers for being supportive to the new customers that are coming out that are finding us through this. And but also to our staff, you know, they're the ones on the frontlines," Chavarin said.

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