Wall constructed around home plagued by mudslides in Azusa after Colby Fire damage

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BySid Garcia via KABC logo
Friday, November 18, 2016
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A garden wall is being constructed around a home in Azusa that has been plagued by the mudslides and debris flows during the rainy season after hillsides were damaged in the 2014 Colby Fire.

AZUSA, Calif. (KABC) -- The Colby Fire ravaged the hillsides of Azusa in January 2014, and since then each rainy season has brought mudslides and debris flows. On Thursday, a wall was finally constructed to help deter those incidents.

Ed Heinlein said he's been waiting for the wall since the first mudslide and debris flow went down to his house nearly three years ago. He said Thanksgiving came early for him and his wife, who are both retired school teachers.

"It is thrilling because we've been under siege here for a couple years. This is going to allow us to take these blocks up here and just build what they call a garden wall, which will protect us from the water and the mud that's been coming here. It'll be a relief," he said.

An insurance settlement is paying for the construction of the wall and getting the materials up behind the home was a challenge. But then Heinlein's neighbor, a Buddhist temple, offered a solution.

"They're our friends. We're calling this the Thanksgiving blessing because you can't get up to this area, but we got access through the Buddhist temple," Heinlein said.

He added that the temple removed some blocks from a wall and allowed access through their property for crews to come build the wall.

Heinlein's neighbors are relieved knowing that a protective wall will be up.

"He's been through a rough time. I'm glad he could get this fixed so we don't have to worry about it anymore," Alex Gayson said.

The contractor said the project will be done the day before Thanksgiving.