East LA student: Newsom's free college tuition program lifts burden, helps focus on studies

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (KABC) -- Jocelyn Campos, a 20-year-old student at East Los Angeles College spoke with Governor Gavin Newsom on campus to promote the College Promise program on Thursday.

Through this program, which Campos benefits from, California is offering free tuition for any first-time student attending community college full time.

"I haven't had to worry about my tuition during the two years. So, I've focused on the classes," Campos said.

Campos also works as a student ambassador at ELAC's college promise center.

"It's really encouraging because all they ask for is for you be a good student," Campos said.

Campos had the option of attending UC Merced, but she turned down her acceptance letter and took the community college route instead.

"Reason number one was that my family was struggling financially back then," Campos said.

Her family immigrated from Puebla, Mexico, and she was born in East Los Angeles.

Campos wants to pursue an M.D. and hopes to transfer to a four-year university next year. She says taking the community college path was the right choice.

"I don't regret it at all, ELAC has been so amazing. The professors that I've met here have become mentors to me," Campos said. "I got a job on campus and my supervisors are incredibly supportive of everything I do. Community college often has like a bad stigma, but it's really not."
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