Evacuation drill held in Mandeville Canyon for residents, firefighters ahead of brush fire season

BRENTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Firefighters and residents participated in a drill in Mandeville Canyon Sunday in preparation of brush fire season when the weather heats up.

Homeowners in Mandeville Canyon were ordered out for the drill.

It's just a drill, but firefighters and residents know they need to be prepared for a real life evacuation.

The evacuation training centered around a wind driven brush fire, just like the devastating Woolsey Fire, which destroyed hundreds of homes and claimed lives.

Official say practicing in notorious canyon locations is key to keeping everyone safe.

An educational drill for LA City Fire, LAPD, Department of Transportation, the Gas Company, and most importantly residents, as a practice for a real life brush fire .

For first responders, it's a chance to review all options without lives on the line, and at the same time give residents a lesson in staying safe.
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