Explore mental well-being at We Rise L.A.

ARTS DISTRICT (KABC) -- We Rise L.A. is a free, 10-day immersive pop-up exhibit put on by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental health with the goal of teaching the importance of mental well-being through art and panel discussions.

Located in the Arts District, this is the Department of Mental Health's biggest event for Mental Health Awareness Month.

"We Rise is an event that is geared to 14 to 24-year-olds about mental health and well-being. So that we can create a space for conversations to take place, education and a place for people to learn about both services, materials and activations," said Mimi Martinez McKay, Deputy Director for the Department of Mental Health. "This campaign is geared for prevention and early intervention so that people understand the science and symptoms of mental health."

A study conducted by the Rand Corporation found that 22% of L.A. County youth started thinking differently about mental well-being after attending this event last year.

It was important for the Department of Mental Health to make this experience free, close to public transportation and centrally located.

The We Rise L.A. schedule was jam-packed with different panels and events, but one part of the exhibit that remained open to the public every day was the art gallery.

A walk through the gallery takes you on a journey from disconnectedness and trauma to connectedness and hope.

"When people come to the gallery they're going to see are pieces that are going to be dark and at times even disturbing," said McKay. "And then they are going to go to a place where people are understanding how through connections with individuals, with programs, with their community, with their families, they are able to then heal through those connections."

The last day of We Rise L.A. is Monday, May 27th. There will be a BBQ for all ages from 10 a.m. through 7 p.m. and the last events of the day will take place on the rooftop.

We Rise L.A.
1262 Palmetto St.
Los Angeles, CA
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