Inglewood ammo shop sales increase as gun sales surge across the country

Inglewood ammo shop LAX Ammunition has seen sales increase as gun sales surge across the country.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Gun sales have increased across the country. According to the FBI's NICS Firearm Background data, there were over 150,000 background checks in California in October of 2020. That's a nine percent increase from September and a 57 percent increase from last year.

And for guns you need ammo. Daniel Kash, owner of Inglewood ammo shop LAX Ammunition, said sales have gone through the roof.

"We're up big," Kash said. "The amount of people that come in. We've got five more million new gun owners in the last eight months or so, that alone puts a big stress on the industry in regards to supply."

Kash said he has shop locations in San Diego and Orange County and for all of the locations, including the Inglewood shop, he said sales have increased dramatically.

"It's the same everywhere," Kash said. "And it's not one type of person that's coming in here. If you stay in here for an hour or two you're going to notice you're going to see all types of people."

One customer said he's worried about laws that may impose restrictions in the future.

"With the restrictions that might come along," customer Alex Diaz said. "Concerns about what will be available in stock when it comes to what I'm used to using for my home defense and/or shooting range."

However, FBI data also shows this is a 16 percent decrease in background checks from before the last presidential elections in 2016.

Kash said he thinks the increase in sales this year can be attributed to multiple things including the pandemic, civil unrest and the presidential election.

"We've had so many things back-to-back, it's really hard to say what percentage is for what," Kash said. "People want to be able to protect themselves, and so having a firearm is one outlet. So, people are arming up because they're worried for their safety period and their rights."

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