L.A. Regional Food Bank continues to provide much needed assistance to local residents

LAWNDALE (KABC) -- Dalah Anthony has no trouble asking for help - especially when made it's made this easy, thanks to the LA Regional Food Bank.

"You pop your trunk you don't have to get out, they put everything in your trunk, conveniently very organized," said Anthony.

We met the Mundo family from Lawndale - among those still struggling from pandemic related layoffs.

"If we hear of a food bank or a drive-through anything, we're there," said Hilda Mundo.

"This is an unprecedented level of need and demand for food assistance," said LA Regional Food Bank CEO Michael Flood. "Seeing other natural disasters, economic downturns, recessions, nothing comes close to matching this."

"Pass the word on for people who need it!" said Michael Kinzinger. "I think the quality is very good, and the variety is very good. You don't know what you're going to get each time."

"I've got milk and eggs, and meats, chicken, things that could last me all week," said Kaylee Bush.

The food bank was here when families needed the help... and they're still here today.

"It's taking a while for things to get back to pre-pandemic... months & months, hard to say, maybe well into 2022," said Flood.

Learn more about how you can help our local food banks with the Feed SoCal campaign.
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