Quinceanera dream granted for 2 teens battling illness

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two teens, who have spent much of their young lives in and out of the hospital, got the chance to feel like princesses. A whole team of "fairy godmothers" are making the girls quinceanera dreams come true.

Kailey Farias, a 14-year-old from La Puente, and 15-year-old Edna Segura of Los Angeles are practicing for their very own Cinderella stories.

"I have always been dreaming about a quinceanera ever since my sister had hers," said Segura.

On Oct. 27, these young ladies will share a fabulous party and tradition in their culture to celebrate their 15th birthdays. But at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, they share another bond: a battle with serious illness.

"It made me partially blind," Segura said.

Chemotherapy keeps a tumor in Segura's brain in check, yet it remains inoperable and has cost her sight in one eye.

Since Kailey was 3 years old, a blood disorder has limited her platelet count and brought her to the hospital most of her young life for treatments.

"It just takes a while for me to stop bleeding," Farias said.

Yet neither girl has let their serious illnesses keep them from school, friends and family. And now, for one night, these teens can have their princess moment.

This is a fairy tale quinceanera their families could never afford. The CHLA charity Los Compadres is performing fairy godmother duties and granting wishes.

"The entire event, location, the catering, the deejay the flowers, the dresses, everything you can imagine has been donated to our beautiful patients," said Dana Valenzuela with CHLA Los Compadres.

A quinceanera is a coming of age celebration, and with these elaborate, custom-made intricate dresses, the girls will feel transformed. Celebrity fashion house, Pink Horses, donated the dresses.

"I think this will help them feel healthy, feel beautiful and for a moment help them forget what they're going through, " said Lucy Garcia-Lopez with Pink Horses.

Segura wants to channel Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." Farias tries on her dress and shines in her sophisticated silhouette.

This dress rehearsal for the big party gives them a feel for what's ahead and the courage to carry on as they pass into adulthood.

"It's life. You just got to go through it and stay strong," said Segura.
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