Making quarantine bearable: Yorba Linda family's stuffed animal display warms hearts

A Yorba Linda family has been entertaining neighbors with displays featuring two giant teddy bears in different poses and themes every day.
YORBA LINDA, Calif. (KABC) -- Two months ago, the city of Yorba Linda encouraged residents to display bears in their windows to allow people to participate in a fun neighborhood "bear hunt."

Laura Snyder loved the idea, but soon realized she had an almost unbearable problem.

"My bears were too big for the window!" laughed Snyder. "So the first day I put them out in two chairs."

Since then, Snyder has set up the jumbo bears outside of her home with a different theme every day.

"May 4th - 'Star Wars' day. I borrowed some props from my son. He's very into 'Star Wars' and that one got a lot of reaction," said Snyder. "And then the next day we did Cinco de Mayo."

The bears have become local celebrities. Residents love "keeping up with the Kodiaks."

"I have people now that'll drive by and they'll stop and they back up, back around the corner and they look and then they start taking pictures," said Snyder. "I have neighbors I've met now because they're out in the morning walking."

That includes one neighbor who started posting pictures of the bears on social media; which in turn, led to a worldwide audience and a set of unofficial names for the cuddly creatures: Goldie and Brownie.

"I was just having fun, and when I look at the comments on her posts, it leaves me feeling overwhelmed, but I feel like I'm doing something in a very small way that's very important to other people," said Snyder.
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