Compton holds baseball event for girls to showcase, develop skills alongside other talented players

"I honestly just want to play baseball," said one participant.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Compton baseball event helps girls showcase, develop their skills
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A special MLB scouting event in Compton Saturday gave young girls a chance to show off and develop their skills alongside other talented female players.

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Not long ago, girls and women playing baseball was unheard of. Now, it's growing with opportunities that are opening up quickly at all levels of the game.

For the girls in this male-dominated sport, a special MLB scouting event held in Compton on Saturday was a chance for them to show off and develop their skills alongside other talented female players.

At the MLB Youth Academy, girls from across California, and as far away as Alaska, came to show off their baseball talent.

"Everyone knows how to play, so the tryouts may be hard but everyone knows their skills, everyone can show off," said Cameron Ely.

"Playing with girls is completely different, being able to see other people are just like me, just trying to play the sport and have fun. It's really cool," said Arden Hittner.

MLB GRIT is an opportunity for young female players to develop their skills and bond with others.

"MLB GRIT is an identification tour that travels around the country to really see and evaluate girls' baseball talent, mostly at the high school level but also going down a couple years, to 12-year-olds," said Liz Benn of MLB GRIT.

The free one-day tryout attracted top players and their proud parents.

"My daughter, it has always been baseball, so every opportunity for her to play baseball - not softball, baseball, - and to continue to improve and learn, and get better is, you know, it's everything," said father Rob Hittner.

"It's fun to watch her play compete against other girls at this level. She usually competes with boys," said parent Carlos Chacon.

Their parents aren't the only ones watching. Representatives from MLB and USA baseball women's national team are also scouting for talent. Many at Saturday's event were hopeful that one day, they'll belong to a league of their own.

"Honestly, I hope there is like a women's baseball league just like there is for men's basketball, and like women's basketball. I hope it's just like that," said Ely. "I honestly just want to play baseball."

This was one of five events that will take place in which 64 of the top performers will be invited back to attend an elite invitation taking place this summer in Florida.