Compton: A horse town with urban cowboys and backyard stables

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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Located in the middle of Los Angeles, and known as "Hub City," Compton is a horse town and so much more.

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Eye on LA takes you "in the neighborhood" to Compton- the childhood hometown of Actor Kevin Costner, rap legend Doctor Dre, tennis star Serena Williams and ABC7's very own Leslie Sykes.

Incorporated in 1888, Compton is located in the middle of L.A., thus it's nickname "Hub City." It's a multi-ethnic horse town where on any given day you'll spot plenty of urban cowboys and backyard stables in the Richland Farms area.

Now here's something you may not know, Mayor Aja Brown is the youngest in the city's history to hold the position. The USC alumni spent many years living in Compton as a child, she and her family then moved away for a few years, only to return now as an adult- determined to make a difference.

Brown has big ideas for the city that's home to an airport, a drive-thru funeral home, and a community college. In fact, Leslie Syke's father became the first African American president of Compton College and now the "Abel B. Sykes Jr. Child Development Center" stands in his memory.

The oldest home in Compton still standing was built in 1869. Experts say now is a good time to buy property in the city -- home values are on the rise and the median price is under $400 thousand.