Consumer Electronics Show 2019: Mercedes-Benz flaunts latest models

LAS VEGAS (KABC) -- The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is a dizzying array of anything that has circuitry. If it lights up, plugs in, or comes with instructions, it's there -- and so are cars of the future.

Mercedes-Benz decided CES is the place to show off its redesigned CLA model, available late this year.

Crowds gathered around the Mercedes-Benz's EQC electric SUV, also due out a little later. ABC7 car specialist Dave Kunz skipped the crowd and went for an early morning ride in the Nevada desert with a Mercedes-Benz engineer, who assured that it's the Mercedes of electric cars.

Back at on the massive CES show floor, there's a big trend of concepts for autonomous pods, where there is no driver and you can relax. Kia's idea is to create a comfort space well beyond what we're used to.

"It's all about taking the human part of the autonomous driving experience and tapping into the emotions, as opposed to just the transportation," said Kia spokesperson James Bell.

Supplier Continental not only brought an autonomous pod delivery vehicle, but a robotic assistant to get the package the rest of the way to your door.

Watch Dave Kunz's full report in the video above.
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