Convicted felon breaks into home, eats candy, falls asleep

RITTMAN, Ohio (KABC) -- It sounds like a new version of Goldilocks - but not quite so innocent.

A convicted felon broke into an Ohio couple's home, ate their candy and passed out on their couch.

Jaclyn Fortner took her dog outside first thing in the morning and in the dark, didn't notice the stranger on her couch.

But when she came back, her boyfriend had made his way to the living room, and he was yelling at a stranger who wouldn't get up off the couch.

The man had crawled through a window and helped himself to a bunch of Easter candy. The crumbs were still on the couch where he took his uninvited nap.

The stranger was identified as convicted felon Eric Branham.

He has spent time in prison on forgery, drug, and burglary charges. He is still on parole supervision.

Fornter says Branham seemed confused, but finally left the apartment.

Still, he stayed in the area of the complex until police arrested him and found two knives on him along with prescription pain pills.

He now faces aggravated burglary and weapons charges.
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