Cool Kid Samiha Mahin is passionate about helping premature babies

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Samiha Mahin is a teenage scientist focused on finding a better solution in helping premature babies survive.

"It motivated me even more when my baby brother was born," said Mahin. "He had a lot of problems with him, because he had a premature stomach."

This senior at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School now suits up in a lab coat daily at the USC School of Pharmacy. She's part of the university's STAR program, which gives aspiring scientists the opportunity to join research teams and conduct experiments under the guidance of USC professors.

Her true passion is in developing an artificial womb for premature babies.

"They have premature lungs and premature organs, and they're forced to live outside when they're not really ready," said Mahin. "So the artificial womb would create this kind of environment for them to fully develop and fully mature."

Mahin commutes 20 miles each day for school and has received awards for her science projects.

"She is a very motivated student," said Associate Professor at USC, Martine Culty. "She's here all the time. When she's not in class, she comes to the lab."

Mahin now hopes to intern at Children's Hospital, Philadelphia where they are working on developing artificial wombs, and eventually wants to get her degree in bio-engineering or biology.
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