Coronavirus: Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim discharges first COVID-19 patient after 46 days of treatment

A 43-year-old man who spent more than six weeks hospitalized at Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim while fighting coronavirus has been discharged.
ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- Forty-six days ago, the very first COVID-19 patient was admitted to the Kaiser Permanente center in Anaheim. After weeks of treatment, Corey Hurd is finally going home.

There were cheers from the local medical team that never stopped working to save his life for more than a month. Hurd held up a sign that read: "Keep calm. I'm finally going home."

"He was very excited and he called his wife. You could hear the excitement in her voice," said Jeissel Restor, a nurse at Kaiser Permanente Orange County Anaheim - Medical Center.

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The 43-year-old was admitted on March 16, the Anaheim hospital's first COVID-19 patient. Doctors said he was in good health until he started experiencing overall malaise, fever and difficulty breathing.

"Quickly escalated to respiratory failure requiring the ventilator," said Dr. Johnny Ju.

Doctors were about to perform a tracheostomy to place a breathing tube in his neck.

"We generally do those when someone's been on the ventilator for a couple of weeks or more and they're not expected to get better or come off the ventilators," Dr. Ju said.

Then, what doctors call a blessing - shortly before surgery, Hurd began to breathe on his own.

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Just over three weeks later, he was heading home.

Medical workers at Kaiser Permanente said Hurd told them he credits his recovery to the power of prayer, adding his health care team saved his life.
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